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Photo: Katja Stecher

Short-term Residencies 2020
in cooperation with
Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz and Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Since summer 2013, studio das weisse haus offers Short-term Residencies for international art professionals. In the light of these challenging times and as an immediate reaction to the travel regulations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have now opened this program for Austria based artists and organized a joint exchange program with Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz and Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen. Many thanks to Andrea Sadjak and Eva Ursprung as well as Andrei Siclodi and Mirjam Kapelari for supporting this opportunity.

Founded in 2008, Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz is currently situated in a 2.000 m2 space, which is divided into sculptor studios, offices, a photo and video studio, a sound laboratory and a spacious exhibition room. A somewhat smaller communication and event area, as well as studio spaces for artists from different fields is located on the upper floor.

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is a post-graduate center for production, research, mediation in the fields of visual arts and art theory. Within the framework of the fellowship program, the Künstlerhaus offers a platform that facilitates the development and production of artistic and art-theoretical projects in a critical context. At the same time, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen creates a forum for direct exchange between professionals – artists, theoreticians, critics, and curators – from the region and abroad as well as a point of interaction with local publics of interest. Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is affiliated with the Tyrolean Artists’ Association, the major association of visual artists from the region.

Photo: Edda Strobl

Photo: studio ASYNCHROME

Photo: Alexandra Gschiel 
Edda Strobl
lives and works in Graz

The focus of her work lies on collecting material, that narrates something about the actual condition of the world according to the current project. The material is the basis for comics, series of drawings and monatges for prints. She writes lyrics for the Band STROBLAK and is part of TONTO COMICS. 
situated in Graz

It was found in 2013 by artists and urbanists Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig. The initial position of their artistic demands is the assertion, that the UTOPIA has to be understood neither as a failed plan nor as a building task. It rather serves as tool and method to work critically and artistically not doomed to failure, but as a way to change the world.
Eva Ursprung
lives and works in Graz

Actions, installations, objects, art in public, social and electronic space is part of her artistic practice. She works with video, photography and sound. Eva Ursprung is founding member of the feminist cultural magazine Eva & Co (1982–1992) and of the art association W.A.S. (Womyn's Art Support). 

Photo: Nora Schöpfer

Photo: Andrea Sadjak 
Photo: Alexandra Gschiel, Bleibe, 2019
Nora Schöpfer
lives and works in Innsbruck

Her work is centered around questions concerning the perception and formation of reality. She is especially interested in the aesthetic thinking which exemplifies the continuous transformation of the world through our imagination using the experience of art and its perception processes. 
Andrea Sadjak

lives and works in Graz

The ​tension between human inner and outer perception and consequently between the individual and society is the main focus of her artistic practice. The transitions and thresholds between them, their nature as a contact surface, are revealed in the process-related discussion on site: the main working medium is clay, which becomes a storage and archive of what has been there.
Alexandra Gschiel

lives and works in Graz

She has completed a classic photography apprenticeship and works across photography, video, installation, sculpture and textile. Since 2009 she has worked at Schaumbad and has been a board member since 2011. Alexandra Gschiel has staged numerous exhibitions in Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cuba as well as several art projects as part of steirischer herbst.

Photo: Judith Klemenc

Photo: Benjamin Zanon

Photo: Mark Mosman
Judith Klemenc

lives and works in Innsbruck

In her artistic work, which includes objects, installations, videos and performances, Judith Klemenc intensively explores the reality-creating and transformative potential of art. Along the subtle lines of difference between body and language, it is always the question of gender that is at issue.
Benjamin Zanon

lives and works in Innsbruck

He studied architecture at the Technical University and philosophy in Vienna. In 2008 he moved to Düsseldorf to study fine arts and sculpture at the Art Academy in the class of Professor Richard Deacon. Benjamin Zanon completed his studies with the academy letter in 2015.
Christine Lederer

lives and works in Bludenz

She studied sculpture in the class of Olaf Metzel at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and communication design in Augsburg. In 2013 she received the DAAD price for for outstanding performance by foreign students.

Eva Maria Gugg

lives and works in Graz

She attended the Department of Printing Technology at the Higher Institute for Graphic and studied painting at the Master School for Art and Design in Graz. Since 1998 she works as freelance graphic artist.

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